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Abstract :

Next Wave of 2.5DIC Application


     In next generation IC products, due to transmission bandwidth increasing, a novel IC package solution is required to fulfill higher performance, more function and lower system cost requirement. Industry is expecting 2.5D/3DIC should be the one of capable solution in this field.

No matter 2.5D or 3DIC technology, the key technology is TSV wafer thinning and thin wafer handling. Industry already well developed this technology (through foundry and OSAT collaboration) and improve the process capability to make it more production-able. In the meantime, FPGA product already demonstrated 2.5D silicon interposer is a preferable solution to provide a high performance and cost effective systematic solution for high end application. Graphics and Networking products are also considering 2.5DIC solution since the supply chain is well established.

In order to drive the overall manufacturing cost down of silicon interposer, Industry is also trying all the efforts to make 2.5D solution more suitable for mobile application. With all the expertise from 3-way (Customer/Foundry/OSAT) seamless collaboration, we can expect a cost effective 2.5DIC technology will be developed to fulfill the nature requirement of mobile and become a mainstream platform for multi-function integration.