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Abstract :

3D IC Technology market Adoption


    Through Silicon Via (TSV) technology has already been adopted in production for MEMS and CMOS Image Sensors. Driven by consumer applications such as smartphones and tablets, this market is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. For high end memories, 2015 will be the key turning point for the 3D adoption, followed by Wide I/O in the coming years and then logic-on-logic. Emerging applications, such as photonics, are also being developed for future products, however, their market entrance is most likely not going to happen before 2019-2020.

Several announcements of new products have been recently made (Micron with Hybrid Memory Cube, SK Hynix and AMD with High Bandwidth Memory, Intel with a TSV based on-package memory solution for their next generation processor, developed in collaboration with Micron, Widcon Technology by Samsung for their next generation Exynos processor, etc.). There are no more doubts around adoption of 3DIC for high end applications; it has already started in 2011 with the FPGA from Xilinx and will continue now with the different stacked memory products announced. All key players have incorporate 3DIC platform on their roadmaps and real samples have already been shipped. While most of the commercialization announcements have been made with respect to high-end memories, no announcements yet regarding Wide I/O for consumer markets, where the cost remains a critical and limiting factor.

The presentation will provide an overview of the products announcements, commercialization roadmaps as well as market forecasts per application. Insights and trends into the different 3D integration approaches by applications, business models and major players will also be reviewed.